The HKUST Energy Institute is a multidisciplinary platform that integrates cutting-edge research, technology developments, and education on the generation, storage and distribution of sustainable energy. The research targets both near-term energy challenges and long-term energy needs that will exert transformative impacts globally. The institute also aims to develop and influence energy strategies or policies in Hong Kong.  

Key Research Areas

Energy Generation
Energy generation from renewable sources. Solar cells, wind turbines and biofuels.
Energy Storage and Distribution
Cost-effective storage for electricity grids and high energy-density storage for mobile applications. Hydrogen generation, fuel cells and batteries.
Energy Efficiency
Streamlining energy usage with smart green buildings and more efficient thermal systems, ecotronics and LED lighting.
Energy Policy
Energy policies and strategies, particularly under a high penetration of renewable energy into the grid.

Key Research Projects


The Energy Institute is committed to equipping the next generation of energy researchers with the necessary theoretical and practical skills to address global energy challenges. In addition to hosting regular seminars, conferences and public events such as “Energy Day” to promote energy communication and knowledge dissemination, the Institute also supports the undergraduate degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering and the dual master degree program focusing on Future Energy and Power System Smart Operation and Management.


Executive Committee

Advisory Committee


Prof Bert Shi

Acting Dean, School of Engineering


Prof Zhenyang Lin

Department of Chemistry

Prof Feiyu Kang

Tsinghua University

Dr Amine Khalil

Argonne National Laboratory

Prof Samuel S Mao

University of California Berkeley

Mr Tung Keung Chiang

CLP Power