The Cheng Kar-Shun Robotics Institute (CKSRI) is a multidisciplinary platform that supports and facilitates robotics-related research, development and education. With a focus on autonomous systems and robotics research, the Institute integrates innovations in sensors, devices, systems, networks, neurosciences, data analytics and machine learning to further research by faculty and students in a wide range of applications that aim to create societal impact. The Institute also nurtures a network of industry partners, designs entrepreneurship programs and drives knowledge dissemination.

Key Research Areas

Autonomous Driving
Integrating 3D perception, cloud robotic systems and LiDAR technology, autonomous driving research at HKUST has resulted in Hong Kong’s first driverless car.
Autonomous Flight
From robotic navigation to robotic vision, autonomous flight research at the HKUST Robotics Institute is taking off to new heights. The Institute has also partnered with industry leader DJI to jointly advance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.
Smart Construction
The Robotics Institute is combining UAV technology and building information modeling (BIM) technology in the application of smart construction. The UAV-based approach can substantially reduce construction cost and labor.
Smart Manufacturing
Smart manufacturing is one of the most important global industries. In particular, assembly, testing and packaging are overly reliant on humans. Research is now being conducted to endow robots with the flexibility and delicacy to perform these roles.

Key Research Projects

A Synergetic Human-machine Exoskeleton System for Walking Assistance of Stroke Patients in ADLs Prof Ling Shi
Prehensible Dexterity for Autonomous Robotic Manipulation Phase II Prof Michael Wang
Automated BIM Generation Based on UAV and Indoor 3D Laser Scanning Technologies Prof Jack C P Cheng
Integrated Networked Control for Massively Many IoT Devices Prof Li Qiu
Autonomous Navigation and Semi-autonomous Control of Wheelchair Based on Inverse Deep Reinforcement Learning Prof Ming Liu
Deep Learning Based Defect Inspection of Smartphone Glass Prof Ming Liu
Innovative Gecko Grippers for Top-side Gripping of Smartphone Glass using Synthetic Directional Adhesives Prof Michael Wang



The Cheng Kar-Shun Robotics Institute takes a comprehensive education approach that goes beyond the traditional engineering curriculum and equips students with theory, practical skills and project management skills. Along with providing students with the opportunities to partake in major international Robotics Competitions, the Institute also offers a hands-on course on technology startups.

Executive Committee

Advisory Committee


Prof Bert Shi

Acting Dean, School of Engineering


Prof Enboa Wu

Senior Advisor to the Vice-President for Research & Development

Prof Zhenguo Wu

Professor, Division of Life Science

Prof Zexiang Li

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Prof Shaojie Shen

Acting Director, Cheng Kar-Shun Robotics Institute

Prof Vijay Kumar

University of Pennsylvania

Prof Matt Mason

Carnegie Mellon University

Prof Brad Nelson

ETH Zurich

Prof Frank Park

Seoul National University