HKUST Big Data Institute (BDI) serves as a platform for Big Data and Data Science research, activities and education at the University. BDI coordinates multidisciplinary research projects among faculty, partner institutions as well as industry collaborators, creates leading education programs and regularly engages in community outreach. As a result of its research activities and information sharing, BDI strives to develop frontier technologies and applications that have the potential to offer high-impact solutions to pressing near-term Big Data related challenges.

Key Research Areas

Big Data Analytics
Big data scientists at HKUST are using advanced techniques to process and examine a large variety of complex data sets, transforming analytics into useful industrial and business insights for effective decision making.
Computer Vision
Developing models and algorithms that allow computers to automate tasks from digital images or videos based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).
Improving scalability and performance of Blockchain system and studying security and data privacy of Blockchain for a wide spectrum of applications.
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Research is being conducted on analyzing large swathes of natural language data for speech recognition, understanding and generation.
Developing education platforms and tools by using data analytics to enhance teaching and learning quality.
Utilizing new technologies such as machine learning and predictive behavioral analytics for fintech development and applications, opening up new opportunities for financial innovation.
Applications of Deep Learning
Developing useful applications across different disciplines driven by deep learning and big data technologies in civil engineering, life science and environmental science.

Key Research Projects

Domain-specific Knowledge Base Construction Prof Lei Chen
A Human-powered Machine Learning System Prof Lei Chen
HKUST-Xiao-i Joint Lab on Machine Learning and Cognitive Reasoning Prof Fangzhen Lin
HKUST-NAVER/LINE AI Laboratory Prof Sung Hun Kim
Big Data Analytic-based Remote Diagnosis Systems Prof Yang Wang
Digital Currency and Blockchain Research Lab Prof Yang Wang
Health Data Analytics Lab Prof Can Yang
Li Dak Sum Endowed Research Fund (An Open Platform for Machine Learning- Lecture Series & Hardware-software Infrastructure) Prof Lei Chen
Big Data for Bio Intelligence Lab (BDBI Lab) Prof Yang Wang



BDI is committed to nurturing the next generation of Data Science experts through its education programs and regularly organizing seminars, workshops, forums and conferences to foster intellectual exchange and interdisciplinary research collaboration. 

Executive Committee

Advisory Committee


Prof Bert Shi

Acting Dean, School of Engineering


Prof Yang Wang

Vice-President for Institutional Advancement 

Prof Lei Chen

Director, Big Data Institute

Prof Enboa Wu

Senior Advisor to the Vice-President for Research & Development

Mr Francis Kwok

Founder & Chief Product Designer, Radica System Ltd

Prof Guillermo Gallego

Head, Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics

Mr Herbert Chia

Venture Partner, Sequoia Capital China

Prof I-ming Hsing

Head, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Prof Michael Franklin

University of Chicago

Prof Kellee Tsai

Dean, School of Social Science and Humanities

Prof Tamer Ozsu

University of Waterloo