Research Centers

HKUST’s research centers make up an essential part of the University's research infrastructure, by enhancing synergy and fostering collaboration for interdisciplinary research within each research focus. 

Atmospheric Research Center

  • Prof Jianzhen Yu (Director)
  • Prof Jimmy Fung (Associate Director)
  • Prof Zhi Ning (Associate Director)

Center for Aging Science

  • Prof Stuart Gietel-Basten (Director)
  • Prof Yung Hou Wong (Associate Director)
  • Prof Jin Qi (Associate Director

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Center for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAiRE)

  • Prof Pascale Fung (Director)
  • Prof Kellee Tsai (Associate Director)

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Center for Applied Social and Economic Research

  • Prof Xiaogang Wu (Director)
  • Prof Pengyu Zhu (Associate Director)

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Center for Business and Social Analytics

  • Prof Kai Lung Hui (Director)
  • Prof Allen Huang (Associate Director)
  • Prof Wenfang Tang (Associate Director)

Center for Business Strategy and Innovation

  • Prof Jiatao Li (Director)
  • Prof Yan Xu (Associate Director)

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Center for Chinese Linguistics

  • Prof Carine Yau (Director)
  • Prof Quentin Qin (Associate Director)

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Center for Chinese Medicine R&D

  • Prof Karl Tsim (Director)
  • Prof Robert Ko (Associate Director)

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Center for Display Research

  • Prof Man Wong (Director)
  • Prof Abhishek Srivastava (Associate Director)

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Center for Economic Development

  • Prof Edwin Lai (Director)
  • Prof Amber Li (Associate Director)

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Center for Economic Policy

  • Prof Albert Park (Director)
  • Prof Siu Fai Leung (Associate Director)
  • Prof Sujata Visaria (Associate Director)

Center for Epigenomics Research

  • Prof Danny Leung (Director)
  • Prof Angela Wu (Associate Director)

Center for Fundamental Physics

  • Prof George Smoot (Director)

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Center of Integrated Micro Systems

  • Prof Qingping Sun (Director)
  • Prof Yi Kuen Lee (Associate Director)

Center for Investing

  • Prof Chu Zhang (Director)

Center for Metamaterials Research

  • Prof Che Ting Chan (Director)
  • Prof Jensen Li (Associate Director)

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Center for Quantum Materials

  • Prof Ning Wang (Director)
  • Prof Kam Tuen Law (Associate Director)

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Center on Smart Sensors and Environmental Technologies

  • Prof Zhiyong Fan (Director)
  • Prof Chi-Ying Tsui (Associate Director)
  • Prof Baoling Huang (Associate Director)

Center for Stem Cell Research

  • Prof Zhenguo Wu (Director)
  • Prof Amy Fu (Associate Director)

Center for Wireless Information Technology (CenWIT)

  • Prof Khaled Ben Letaief (Director)
  • Prof Vincent Lau (Associate Director)

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Global China Center

  • Prof Ching Kwan Lee (Director)
  • Prof David Chang (Associate Director)

HKUST The Big Data for Bio Intelligence Laboratory

  • Prof Yang Wang (Director)
  • Prof Lei Chen (Associate Director)

IAS Center for Quantum Technologies

  • Prof Bei Zeng (Director)

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Integrated Circuits Design Center

  • Prof Patrick Yue (Director)
  • Prof Wing Hung Ki (Associate Director)

Intelligent Autonomous Driving Center

  • Prof Ming Liu (Director)
  • Prof Qifeng Chen (Associate Director)

MOE/MSRA Information Technology Key Laboratory

  • Prof Lei Chen (Director)

Molecular Neuroscience Center

  • Prof Yung Hou Wong (Director)
  • Prof Amy Fu (Associate Director)

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Photonics Technology Center

  • Prof Kei May Lau (Director)

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RFID Center

  • Prof Jack Cheng (Director)
  • Prof Shing Chi Cheung (Associate Director)

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South China Research Center

  • Prof Tik Sang Liu (Director)
  • Prof Siu Woo Cheung (Associate Director)

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Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies

  • Prof Winnie Peng (Director)
  • Prof Roger King (Senior Advisor)

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Thompson Center for Business Case Studies

  • Prof Winnie Peng (Director)
  • Prof Roger King (Senior Advisor)

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Water Technology Center

  • Prof Guanghao Chen (Director)
  • Prof Chii Shang (Associate Director)


Atmospheric Research Center (ARC)

  • Prof Alexis Lau (Director)
  • Prof Jimmy Fung (Associate Director)
  • Prof Jianzhen Yu (Associate Director)

Building Energy Research Center (BERC)

  • Prof Huihe Qiu (Director)
  • Prof Shuhuai Yao (Associate Director)
  • Prof Francesco Ciucci (Associate Director)

Center for Engineering Materials and Reliability (CEMAR)

  • Prof Jinglei Yang (Director)
  • Dr Haibin Chen (Assistant Director)

Center for Polymer Processing and Systems (CPPS)

  • Prof Furong Gao (Director)
  • Prof Ping Gao (Associate Director)

Digital Life Research Center (DLRC)

  • Prof Qian Zhang (Director)

Ocean Dynamics and Modeling Program (ODMP)

  • Prof Jianping Gan (Director)

Pan-Pearl River Delta Research Station, South China Research Center, HKUST (SCRC)

  • Prof Tik Sang Liu (Director)
  • Prof Siu Woo Cheung (Associate Director)
  • Prof Jianxiong Ma (Assistant Director)

Wastewater Technology Laboratory (WTL)

  • Prof Guanghao Chen (Director)
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