Prof Nancy IP

Prof Nancy Ip

Vice-President for Research and Development


The Power of Innovation and Imagination

Science is at the very heart of solving the difficult challenges facing the world today.  As scientists, we believe that the pursuit of knowledge is fundamental for innovation, but without the imagination to believe in the impossible and the persistence to push through obstacles, discovery may not happen. 

Thus, at HKUST we are passionate about putting in place the vital components to instill creativity and foster innovation. Despite the University’s relatively young age, we have established a remarkably thriving ecosystem for discovery and innovation.

At the core of our system is a commitment to bring together brilliant minds to inspire students, as well as enrich our research culture through collaborations across Schools and disciplines. Our faculty are supported by the University’s research infrastructure, which includes a network of research institutes, centers and joint labs, as well as cutting-edge centralized research facilities, all housed under one roof. This stimulating environment plays an invaluable role in boosting interaction among faculty and encouraging exchange of ideas and experiences. Moreover, our extensive engagement with world-class academic institutions, industry leaders, governments and society, established over the past two decades, provides a strong network and a wealth of partners, both locally and across the globe.

We live in an era of fast-paced and unpredictable changes. Innovation has never been more important. But we cannot just bear witness to the issues brought on by these changes. It is our privilege to help society by defining the problems and creating innovative solutions. Our ‘Can do, Dare-to-do’ spirit, and the strong desire to extend the impact of our knowledge to address real challenges, propel us forward at the frontiers of knowledge. 

I hope this website will provide users with an insider’s view of the thrilling and fascinating world of research and development at HKUST. 



The Office of the Vice-President for Research and Development provides overall leadership and oversees strategic development of the University's research and knowledge transfer. Dedicated efforts are focused on building faculty teams in targeted research areas, developing and implementing research directions across Schools and disciplines, and establishing the necessary research infrastructure to support critical and innovative research, knowledge transfer as well as our platforms in the Mainland. Under the current organization, the Research Office provides research support and administration; the HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School oversees the three Mainland Platforms; the Office of Knowledge Transfer oversees the Technology Transfer Center, the HKUST R and D Corporation Limited and the Entrepreneurship Center.

Research Office provides assistance in the overall management of grants / funding and contracts pertaining to research and development including dissemination of funding opportunities, providing assistance in funding / grants applications and administration of research grants / contracts to meet requirements and ensure compliance

Office of Knowledge Transfer and its constituent units work with a range of stakeholders including government departments, the University Grants Committee, industries, NGOs, faculty, staff, students and alumni to promote, support and facilitate the University’s technology transfer and entrepreneurship endeavors.

Technology Transfer Center serves as a bridge between HKUST research community and the business sector. TTC monitors emerging fields of HKUST research for early recognition of commercialization potential; manages intellectual properties arising from HKUST research; supports HKUST community to pursue university-industry collaboration, entrepreneurship and technology commercialization.

HKUST R and D Corporation Limited serves as the business arm for commercialization and exploitation of the research conducted at HKUST. We provide contractual, financial and administrative support for the University’s technology transfer, collaborative research and consulting activities with the industry; and manage the HKUST Entrepreneurship Program.

Entrepreneurship Center is a center to promote and support innovation and entrepreneurship in the campus. Through activities and funds, it seeks to nurture next-generation entrepreneurs whose companies make commercial, social and cultural impacts for Hong Kong and other regions.

Shenzhen Platform Development Office oversees the operations of HKUST's R&D platforms in Mainland, with an emphasis on Shenzhen. It also serves as a liaison point between Hong Kong and Mainland to facilitate mutual opportunities and collaboration. 


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