Entrepreneurship @HKUST

HKUST’s Entrepreneurship Center (EC) has continued to develop by focusing on entrepreneurship education & training, and start-up incubation.

Education and Training

EC organizes entrepreneurial seminars and conferences regularly. In particular, the following are the key events and activities hosted by EC:
  • Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) — one of EC’s flagship seminar series — has been very well attended by the University community. BYOB seminars are given by seasoned industrialists on practical aspects of Building Your Own Business.
  • The HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition — this is an exciting event open to all full-time and part-time students, Post-docs, alumni, researchers, faculty and staff from all academic departments within HKUST. The one-million-dollar award can be yours!
  • Entrepreneur Batting Cage — the objective is to give members of HKUST community an informal platform to "Pitch your idea, smack it out the park!"
  • Knowledge Cafè — an event aims to provide discussion, networking opportunities and industry insights where practicing entrepreneurs are invited to interactively share their industry experiences or updates.
HKUST offers entrepreneurship courses on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A partial list of the courses can be viewed here.

Start-up Incubation

Start-up incubation has been actively pursued and supported through the HKUST Entrepreneurship Program to assist faculty members, staff and students in the establishment of technology-based start-up companies.