Research Strategy

HKUST's Five-Year Strategic Plan 2020 demonstrates our commitment to research excellence. The range and strength of our core academic disciplines provide a solid foundation for the development of interdisciplinary research initiatives. We will continue to maintain our research vitality through proactively recruiting faculty and offering central equipment and funding support to researchers engaged in focused strategic research.

We strive to originate frontier knowledge and excel in breakthrough research in selected areas to set the trends for new and impactful research directions and thinking:
  • Pursue five targeted areas: by building up research strengths in the strategic areas of data science, sustainability, public policy, autonomous systems & robotics, and design thinking & entrepreneurship; and devoting resources and establishing effective mechanisms to support directed research.
  • Focus on frontier research and explore new but promising research domains: by encouraging selective level of risk-taking and adopting more adventurous and bolder approach for excelling in breakthrough research, and exploring new and unconventional research domains. The creation of new knowledge will not only offer high academic value, but also enables us to create practical solutions transferrable to the world. Institutional support will be provided to encourage faculty to undertake both impactful fundamental and translational research, particularly in solving societal problems and contributing to Hong Kong’s advancement.
  • Actively seek out external/competitive research funding: to keenly pursue major external and competitive funding for our frontier research, professional and scholarly activities. We will enhance our supportive schemes and policies to encourage and facilitate preparation of high-quality research proposals and mentorship in grant applications.
  • Extend our research strengths and presence in Mainland and internationally through strategic partnerships: by amplifying HKUST’s outstanding research performance record and standing through establishing an incentive and support system to encourage faculty to undertake leadership roles within global economic and social platforms and increase our impact on Hong Kong, Mainland and internationally. We will also further promote and publicize our research achievements, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Undertake a definitive plan for renewal of research facilities: by critically reviewing and projecting our needs in view of the current and emerging research landscape, and undertaking renewal and upgrading of our research facilities to ensure our infrastructure continues to be top-notch, relevant, and effective in supporting world-class research at HKUST.
  • Support the strategic development of research institutes and centers: to foster an interdisciplinary environment that helps promote fundamental and translational research to advance knowledge in specialized fields, create greater synergies and deliver new advances on our research agenda. . We will build up leadership and strengthen engagement with research institutes and centers with more targeted support in developing large-scale projects and future physical infrastructure.