Interdisciplinary Research Clusters

The clusters provide impetus for team-based research to tackle challenges that require strengths from diverse disciplines within the University. Our current portfolio of interdisciplinary research clusters includes Energy, Frontier Research, Life & Health Sciences, and Sustainable Development for Hong Kong. Flagship projects and/or research centers/institutes in each cluster are listed in the following table:

  • Energy Institute incorporating Energy Harvesting and Production & Storage
  • Center for Ecotronics
  • Smart Green Buildings
  • Intelligent LED Lighting & Photonic Wireless Applications
  • Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells for Sustainable Energy Production
  • Energy Efficient & Low Carbon Emission Buildings
Frontier Research
  • Functional Nanostructure - From Novel Interfacial Phenomena to Superconductivity
  • Controlling Waves & Manipulating Materials
  • Sensor-motor Behavior for Next Generation Human Machine Interfaces
  • The Making of a Digital World
  • Aerodynamics of Mars Atmosphere Entry Vehicle
  • Novel Fluorescent Probes with Aggregation-induced Emission Characteristics
Life & Health Sciences
  • State Key Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience at HKUST
  • Stem Cell Strategy for Nervous System Disorder
  • Cancer Genomics Research
  • DCC and UNC5-mediated Cell Migrations
  • Smart Integrated Bio-Nano Sensors for Point of Care Applications
  • Biological Data Mining for Biomarker Discovery
  • Area of Excellence in "Mechanistic Basis of Synaptic Development, Signalling and Neuro-disorders"
Sustainable Development for Hong Kong
  • Air Quality Management Strategies
  • Marine Environmental Research & Innovative Technologies (pSKL)
  • Ocean Container Transport: Global supply Chain Management
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Surveillance & Management
  • Financial Institutions, Corporate Governance & Risk Management in Hong Kong
  • Innovative Advancements in Quantitative Finance
  • Enhancing Entrepreneurship
  • Social Science Survey Research Infrastructure
  • Institute for Emerging Market Studies