HKUST Shenzhen Industry, Education and Research (IER) Building

HKUST has been collaborating with Shenzhen Government in research, technology incubation and training for over a decade. In 2011, the completion of the HKUST Shenzhen Industry, Education and Research (IER) Building marked another milestone in the University’s development in Shenzhen. The 15,000 m² facility is equipped with state-of-the-art research laboratories, lecture theaters, classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, lounges and landscaping gardens. It provides space and facilities for academic and research collaborations with Mainland universities and institutes, technology innovation and industry collaboration, spin-off companies and acquisition of the Central and municipal government funding.  

Currently, 6 laboratories and 5 start-up enterprises are operating in the IER Building. They include the HKUST Shenzhen Mechanical Engineering Laboratory; Electronic Materials and Packaging Laboratory; the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience; HKUST-Shenzhen Electronic and Computer Engineering laboratory; Googol Technology Ltd, the first high-tech company in Asia-Pacific region specializing in R&D, production, marketing, and support of motion controllers and controller based systems; Perception Digital, a consumer electronics, product development and productions solutions provider; and Dajiang Innovation Technology Co Ltd, which specializes in UAV robotic control.

In December 2011, a SRI Research Team was granted by Shenzhen Peacock Plan to Perform Cutting-Edge Neuroscience Research. In September 2012, two SRI research projects led by Prof Benzhong Zhong Tang and Prof Nancy Ip were awarded the prestigious National Basic Research Program (973 Program Grants) that is ministered by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China).

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