Research Support

Research at HKUST is overseen by the Office of the Vice-President for Research and Development (VPRDO). The following units work closely and collaboratively with VPRDO to support the different aspects of research and to facilitate knowledge transfer at HKUST:
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The first component of HKUST’s research support infrastructure is Research Office (RO). RO is for dissemination of funding opportunities, research workshops, proposal development assistance-vetting-submission, contract and grant administration, internal funding support, administration of ethics compliance, handling of misconduct cases, and coordination of external research awards and honors.

TTC monitors the University’s research expertise and liaises with industry and business for the purposes of technology promotion and commercialization. It also protects and manages the intellectual property generated as a natural by-product of the University’s research activities. TTC is a proactive matchmaker between the technology created at HKUST and the needs of industry. TTC is on a constant lookout for technology licensing and contract research opportunities. Through these activities, bilateral knowledge transfer partnerships are forged between town and gown.

EC supports and facilitates entrepreneurship education, promotes the entrepreneurial spirit, and manages the University Incubator on behalf of RDC. University students, faculty, staff or alumni who wish to form their own start-up companies based on newly developed technology may approach EC for assistance with incorporating, seeking seed funding, and if desired, incubating on campus.

RDC is the final and an essential component of the University’s research support infrastructure.  RDC is a limited liability company wholly owned by HKUST, and functions as the University’s business arm. It is responsible for all commercial agreements, contract research, consultancies involving the use of HKUST facilities and laboratory services, and licensing of University-owned intellectual property. RDC serves as the exit point of the research support infrastructure at HKUST.